Michael Mann's library

Michael Mann sheet music

Air D'Attilio Atiosti Waefelghem

Prelude in d, arr Braun Bach Guenther

Suite in d de Boer manuscript, ink, fingerings in pencil

Konzert fuer Viola d'Amore de Boer score, manuscript in ink

Konzert fuer Viola d'Amore reduct. de Boer score, manuscript in ink

Partita VII Biber Guenther

24 Preludes Casadesus Salabert

Trois Fantaisies Couperin Eschig

Sonate Couperin Eschig

Trio Gassmann Guenther

Schule fuer Viole D'Amour Goldis Weinberger, 1916

Suite Graupner Guenther

Parthia da Camera Guzinger Guenther

Tambourin Gossec Guenther

Trio, flute v. d'A Graupner Guenther

Partita Grobe Guenther

Divertimento Hoffmeister Guenther

Kleine Sonate Hindemith Scott (1929)

Suite in old Style Kint Guenther

Sonata fl. D'A Keiser Guenther

Sonate in d Konink Broekmans 1948

Partita Krumloffski Guenther

Concerto Kontzvindt Guenther

Sarabande Marais Waefelghem

Suite in D Milandre Costallat

Trio Viol. V. d'A u. cembalo Milandre manuscript in Guenther's hand?

Suite in D Marc Editions Maurice Senart

Partita II Petzold/Kint Guenther

Largo en Allegro in d Pepusch Broekmans

Partita in A Petzold/Kint Guenther

Sonata 1 Rust Guenther

Aria con var Rust Guenther

Sonatine Rust Guenther

Adagio Stamitz Guenther

Aria Die Rose Scarlatti Guenther

Sonata, Marlbruch, Stamitz Guenther

Concerto I Stamitz Guenther

Concerto Stamitz Guenther

Sonata, D Stamitz Guenther

Concerto, Triple Telemann Litolff's

Concerti, RV 393, 395 and 396 Vivaldi Ricordi (1954)

Concerto, RV 397 Vivaldi Guenther

Concerto, RV 397 Vivaldi Guenther

Concerto, RV 540, arr Fl. D'A Vivaldi Guenther

Concerto, RV 392 Vivaldi Guenther

Partie amabiles Woita Guenther

Konzert Viola Zelter Grahl

Quite an extensive collection of viola d'amore music Michael had; he must have been a serious musician. The de Boer Suite, the Vivaldi a minor concerto, and the Milandre show signs of having been practiced. For the most part, however, there are few markings in the music. The Guenther editions were printed on poor quality paper; many are disintegrating despite not having been used. The De Boer scores intrigue me, as someone took quite some trouble to copy them out.

I was astonished at these ads; early music interest before W.W. II!

I must say I was delighted to have the opportunity to discover this literary connection in the past of the Thomas Eberle viola d'amore I used to own. As Michael Mann said, it is not in original condition: the bass bar and neck and peg box have been replaced. The modern repairman, who in the 1920's or 30's created the 7/7 version of my instrument, made a VSL of 385 mm, so while the instrument sounds well, it is a trial to play. It is a pity so many felt during the 20th century felt the urge to change these old instruments; in hindsight their efforts to make them louder seem destructive and futile, in that they did not succeed in creating a loud viola d'amore with a place along side the modern violin. I feel for Michael in his efforts to play the Vivaldi a minor concerto, which would have been much easier to play on the original 6-string version of the instrument.

Not just Viola d'Amore, but also Viola da Gamba!

However, I am thrilled to have this collection of music, which is a valuable witness to the history of the viola d'amore and early music in the 20th Century. It is now in the possession of the current owner of the Eberle. How surprised my colleagues were to see the ads dating from the 1930's on the Guenther editions for gamba strings, and original bows! And that so much early music was available then, even though the editorial work is out of style and basic information is lacking. Every generation seems to want to come upon the viola d'amore as if it was their own unique discovery, but history says otherwise.

Another ad for old stuff...sort of.

Perhaps I have not proved that Mann learned what he needed to create Zeitblom from hearing his boy practice in garage, as the evidence is circumstantial. However, it is certainly seems possible to me, even likely, that for the Mann family, the viola d'amore was a family affair.