What to put in an edition for the viola d'amore?

Today I'd like to show you more about what I have been working towards, an edition of unknown music for the viola d'amore:


What I would like to have, is an edition with the facsimlie facing the real notation score, like this:



Well, it can be done on a webpage by somebody, but not be me. Please pretend the image above is on the left page of your music stand, the one below next to it on the right.

In the score below, I have used treble clef where the orginal uses scrodatura, and a form of octavo bass clef,  for the original bass clef passages,  just like the conventional use of bass clef in vda manuscripts in the 18th century. I have added all the original fingerings.

However, I am at a loss what to do about the fingerings for the passages in harmonics for players who would prefer to play from the real notation score, without referring to the facsimile. What might I do about that? Any suggestions?


How many players want everything in alto clef: