Classical solos for viola d'amore alone


December 13, 2015

Here are a few mp3's from the recording I am making, for your enjoyment.



These tracks have all be recorded at A = 415. The next tracks will be recorded at A = 430. The higher pitch makes the harmonics and low register much more responsive.


I am playing this viola d'amore:


This is a composite vda, body is possibly from the 1740's. The Vibrating String Length is only 340 mm. Copies of this instrument are being made here.


The maximum VSL for a vda, according to Jan Kral, 1871, was 360 mm.

Galanterie 3 Adagio MP3  Josef Fuchs


Galanterie 4 Menuetto MP3 Josef Fuchs


Galanterie 16 Andante MP3 Frantisek Götz


Galanterie 17 Menuetto Moderato MP3 F. Götz


Galanterie 19 a la Poloca MP3 Josef Fuchs


Galanterie 20 Allegro MP3  F. Götz


Galanterie 25 Rondo Allegro MP3 F. Götz


The recording, and this page, are called the Living Room Sessions, because I recorded the music in a living room. I see this as chamber music only, for the pleasure of the player and a very small audience, so for me the living room is the right recording venue. I can not imagine another kind of venue that this music might have been played in. These movements are complete, unrelated to one another, and so short I do not see them as concert pieces. The tone of the music is so jolly I cannot imagine it being played in church, either.


There is more information about this music on the Fuchs, Early Romantic, Edition Ingredients, and Unknown pages.