Classical solos for viola d'amore alone


December 13, 2015

Here are a few mp3's from the recording I am making, for your enjoyment.


Preparations for applying for publication of this repertoire are almost complete. I hope I will have news for you in the not too distant future, about when you may buy a clean easy to read modern edition of this amazing repertoire. For more about this rep please see the links at the bottom of the page.


These tracks have all be recorded at A = 415. The next tracks will be recorded at A = 430. The higher pitch makes the harmonics and low register much more responsive.


I am playing this viola d'amore:


This is a composite vda, body is possibly from the 1740's. The Vibrating String Length is only 340 mm. Copies of this instrument are being made here.


The maximum VSL for a vda, according to Jan Kral, 1871, was 360 mm.

Galanterie 3 Adagio MP3  Josef Fuchs


Galanterie 4 Menuetto MP3 Josef Fuchs


Galanterie 16 Andante MP3 Frantisek Götz


Galanterie 17 Menuetto Moderato MP3 F. Götz


Galanterie 19 a la Poloca MP3 Josef Fuchs


Galanterie 20 Allegro MP3  F. Götz


Galanterie 25 Rondo Allegro MP3 F. Götz


The recording, and this page, are called the Living Room Sessions, because I recorded the music in a living room. I see this as chamber music only, for the pleasure of the player and a very small audience, so for me the living room is the right recording venue. I can not imagine another kind of venue that this music might have been played in. These movements are complete, unrelated to one another, and so short I do not see them as concert pieces. The tone of the music is so jolly I cannot imagine it being played in church, either.


There is more information about this music on the Fuchs, Early Romantic, Edition Ingredients, and Unknown pages.