Göttweig Suite 8

Alternative readings of the text of the complete Gottweig edition

Suite 8

Updated, Feb, 3rd, 2017


Bar 1 basso. in the manuscript the 3rd note is d. There is no upbeat in the basso, which is unique. In the many parallel instances in this collection, the basso shares the short upbeat. I noticed this because getting these upbeats together in performance is tricky.

Bar 3 vda in the manuscript the f’ is doubled.

Bar 7 basso in the manuscript the first two notes are c’ a, with a 4/2 over the c’. over the f there is a 6.

However, I wonder if the copyist didn’t somehow get quite confused about the basso in this bar, and then not correct his work. That happens in a number of other places in the manuscript, which I have detailed elsewhere, for example, in the variatio of the allemande of Suite 7. I think the bass line from bar 8, up a third, would work much better in bar 7 than what is in the edition. The notes in the bass of bar 7 might be: beat 1 8th notes a f, beat two, 2 8th g e, beat 3, dotted quarter f, 8th note e. The 42 figure I cannot place, but the 6 and #6 can stay over the f and the e.

Bar 9 vda. Once again, I think the copyist got ahead. I wonder if beat 4 is not actually what is supposed to be played as beat 1 of bar 10. The player could continue the sequence of the first 3 beats in beat 4 and play what is now beat 4 as beat 1 of bar 10. Try f a b flat g 16th notes for beat 4.

Bar 10 vda. the last note is a b natural in the manuscript.

bar 14 vda in the manuscript the f’ is doubled.

Marche (basso)

Bar 3 vda in the manuscript the last 2 8ths are fingered on the 3rd string.

Bar 11 basso in the manuscript the last quarter g could be tied over to the g quarter that is beat 1 of bar 12 in the manuscript.


Italian spelling for this movement!

Slurs are very casually marked.

Bar 1 vda in the manuscript the 2nd note is a written “d’’’’, to be played on the 2nd string with the 3rd finger.

Bar 31 vda. in the manuscript the fifth 8th note of the bar is a sounding f’.


Bar 7 vda in the manuscript the 3rd beat is a quarter note sounding e’.

Bar 8 vda In the manuscript the first beat is two 8th notes sounding f’  g’.

Bar 174 vda the fast notes should be like bar 178

Slurs are marked very casually in the manuscript.