Göttweig Suite 2

Suite 2
May 15, 2017
This is one of the works that I have until now neglected. There is one feature of it, however, which recently caught my attention.
The edition vol 1 page 38 concludes this Suite with the menuet. However, a casualty to the cutting out of 5 pages of the following work, the viola d'amore part of the Gigue that actually concludes Suite 2 is missing, and so omitted from the edition. The editors seem to have thought that while it was ok to provide a bass line for movements where one was missing, creating a fake viola d'amore part was kind of pointless. I have a lot of sympathy with this position.
However, making the effort to imagine what might have been composed is a very useful exercise. I find it sharpens the ear to harmony and style like no other part of a musician's training.

For those who would like to try their hands are imagining what the Gigue might have been like, here is a pdf of a score with the orginal bass, and the solo part blank. Gigue for reconstruction.

Gigue as I reconstructed it.

The Rondeau of Suite One is here in it original form.

The following score is the Göttweig editor's reconstruction: (I do not know why they chose to replace the original bass line.)
And here is the first page of the Gigue from Suite 1:
Suite 23 has a similar situation, in the the basso for a Saraband and Gigue are preserved, but the vda part is lost. Perhaps if this exercise seems like a good one I can add that score to this page.
Bar 4 vda real notation the second note is an e'.