galileo vl 2 and hc

Here was a link to my haute contre and violin part for the Galileo show Tafelmusik was and will be touring and performing seeminly eternally: Galileo. The part was all played on violin, including the Lully suite; we don't have the resources of the 3 sizes of violas that is trade mark of the French orchestra of the late 17th century. Sorry, I had to take the part down. People were worried about copyright issues..........hard to imagine what could be done with a haute contre part! maybe more can be done with a picture of a grub, however.


This score used to be here so I could get to my music if my memory failed me (the Galileo show is performed by memory so that slides of the cosmos can be projected, and so the hall is dark. See the Tafelmusik youtube channel for what this looks like.) After three years of playing those dorky inner parts by memory, however, I am put in mind of the tests of the wooden propellers they used to make in the old days. If I remember correctly, the manufacturers would glue together pieces of wood, machine the propeller into the shape it needed to be, and to test the glue, put the propellers on the roof to expose the joins to the elements for months.

Eventually on the roof only the glue was left much more enduring than the wood. I am feeling the same way about the memorized version of the haute contre part. After I am cremated, I am imagining, the damn memory of those dippy haute contra part will still  be going strong. duh duh di da duh........


And here was a link to my part for the House of Dreams program we will also be playing all over the place. Please enjoy the insect. You can see some pics of the show on my facebook page:

Both of these score are still here as backup, but now only i can get to them.  Sorry! But you really aren't missing anything. Did anyone ever write such terrible viola parts as Lully and Handel?